September 23, 2011


every tuesday, after both being at school all day, the boy and i go all homey and enjoy a night-in together. this past tuesday, i found a fun new recipe through foodgawker and tried out a BBQ chicken pizza on whole-wheat naan bread (after a very fun trip to trader joe's, officially my new grocer - cheap & healthy!). our verdict? delicious.

as much as we love adventures, quiet nights in are also so valuable, and last week, after browsing through our laptops and uncovering as many embarrassing old videos and pictures we could find, we know each other even better. believe me, we were coolest brace-faced kids.

in order to avoid 'stress' at all costs this semester, our night ended with a full-blown homework party, and to top off an already fun night, the boy offered to clean up the kitchen for me while i did some reading - i am the luckiest. is it just a girl thing, or is there really nothing greater than seeing a man in your kitchen, washing dishes, cleaning up, and letting you sit on the couch and snap pictures of him? it. was. great.

i am so grateful for the gift love is - God's plans blow my mind.

and i love this man.


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