September 24, 2011


i am SO tired - 'sitting here in front of the computer with my eyes half open' kind of tired - & yet, my soul is so refreshed after the past 18 hours. challenged, but refreshed.

the last 18 hours were spent retreat-ing with the leadership staff of the pursuit college group, and it was fantastic. it's not often that you get to spend a big chunk of time with friends, and being all together, in one place, without distractions or homework, was incredibly refreshing. the night started off with a team-building adventure - rock climbing! the last time i went was in the 6th grade i think, so i was a little nervous, but let me tell you - we had a blast. unfortunately, i was too afraid of misplacing/breaking my camera, so i left it in the car, but just trust me, the night was full of fun/frustration/reward/& rope burn.

last night we spent a good few hours analyzing the college ministry with something called a S.W.O.T. analysis: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, & threats. we could have spent more than the 2 1/2 hours we did discussing the group and all its aspects, but in the few hours we had, we were able to gather a thorough overview of our group. these last 6 months have shown so much growth and improvement, and for once, we feel like we're all back on track. i know that all glory goes to God for that and i am just so thankful for the fruit that's been shown so far.

this morning was spent in quiet time 'resting' with our Lord. this verse is always something i come back to; that proverbs 31 woman is a true inspiration.

a walk up signal hill, journaling, reflection, listening to some phil wickham, taking pictures, and praying seriously started this morning off right - & look at this shot i captured! i know 'flower' photos are so overrated, but i just love something about this one. thank you to photog friends who can teach me the ways of shutter speed, aperture, & ISO. so many fun things to play with!

of course, my weekend wouldn't have been complete without this man by my side. i love that we get to serve together, grow together, and do [almost] everything as a team. and that he's the most patient person when it comes to me paparrazi-ing him with my camera.

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