September 29, 2011


today, i'm thankful for unconditional love. love that loves even when you don't deserve it. love that loves when you're being hurtful or selfish. love that doesn't give up.

i'm thankful for a love that breaks down your walls and pursues you. i'm thankful for a love that tells you when you're wrong, a love that knows how to be firm, but still kind and gentle. a love that lets you start pillow fights and use the 'you can't beat me up, i'm a girl' card to end it. a love that does your dishes, sits next to you while you do homework, and loves taking pictures together. a love that randomly writes love notes, is always encouraging, and surprises you when you least expect it. a creative love, a love that gives you time and energy and a listening ear. a love that always points things back to Christ and always strives to do better.

i'm thankful for love based on more than just feelings, a love modeled after God love. love that loves through imperfection, loves more because of them. love that makes me laugh, smile, and do a happy dance. love that has dance parties and belts songs out of tune and unashamed. love that tries new things, is loud and crazy, and yet quiet and gentle.

i'm simply thankful for love.

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