September 25, 2011


every year, at the beginning of the school year, my church dedicates the teachers and staff of our K-8 school. just last night, i was talking to T and mentioned how uninspired i was about my career as a teacher. evaluating that now, i attribute most of that to the fact that in my last few semesters, my focus has been on 'history,' not on teaching. earning my BA in history is just a gateway to becoming a high school teacher, and this morning, i was reminded to keep my eye on the prize.

teachers are so. in. spiring. i've always known that i wanted to choose a career where i could interact with people, build into their lives, and hopefully, just maybe, make some kind of impact. as a teacher, i can't wait for opportunities to build relationships with my students, be an example and inspiration like my teachers were to me, & make some kind of eternal impression.

all that to say, this morning provided the inspiration i needed to push ahead in school. i have SO many other interests, and many of them don't require a degree, but the opportunity to teach is a privilege (as much teachers struggle financially). i can't wait to start working in the educational field a little more, and one day having a class of my own. i just have to get through the 11 historical novels i've been assigned this semester first...eesh. Link

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