September 30, 2011

sisters in Christ

i have a million blogs forming in my head, but before i get to glowing oceans and baking for firemen, this comes first.

this semester, Erin & i have taken the women's side of our college ministry under our wing, and it has been so fun! i think that especially at this time in our lives, it is so huge to be built into as women, to build connections with each other and mentors who can guide us and give us wisdom. there are so many decisions, so many roads to take, and so much confusion; i firmly believe God gave us a 'family' away from home, or wherever we are, to help us in those choices and walk alongside us through these shaping years.

our first meet up in september was such a blessing. we ate, we talked, we laughed, we learned, and God totally showed up.




i am so looking forward to our next meet-up in just a few weeks. i'm so thankful for these women and their beautiful hearts, our mentors and their willingness to build into us, and the opportunity to grow together over the next few months (& maybe even years).

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