December 5, 2010

morning glory.

doesn't the idea of running through new york city in high heels & a pencil skirt, rambling on your blackberry, dodging taxis, and all the while looking fabulous sound fun? the answer is yes, yes it does.

for a single girl, THAT sounds like the life...and there's a piece of me that kind of hopes i get to experience that. to be free. no strings. ready to move to a crazy job in a big new city, one that requires hard work, wit, late nights, new relationships, and results in an extreme sense of satisfaction.

who knows what God's plan is...i'm just saying, i would be ok with that, for a little while...right before i learned the "people are more important than your career" lesson. then i'd be ready for the next chapter.


  1. I saw Morning Glory a few weeks ago (yes, I like movies like that... except for 27 Dresses, because it was too dang predictable). I thought it was awesome!

  2. Thanks again for going with me! What an inspirational movie for girls like us!