December 26, 2010

oh, my pensive heart.

i don't know what it is about december, but i am definitely adoring this whole blog yourself/read other people's blogs thing. maybe it's because it's winter, and for me, the season is about peace, rest, enjoying & cherishing time with loved ones, and serious reflection.

i cannot believe all this year has held, its challenges & joys, struggles & victories. and through it all GOD has been faithful. if i know anything, it is that in this past year, HE has proved himself faithful countless times, & i only love Him more each day (though i confess, i need to practice proving that to Him more).

christmas was wonderful, & i hope yours was as well. there's nothing like waking up bright & early, waking everyone else up, taking stockings down from the fireplace, opening presents, creating a sea of gift wrap & tissue paper around the tree, watching others open gifts, enjoying family time, delicious dinners, & dressing up...(only to completely vacuum & dust the house after everyone left, because i'm OCD like that, and well, it's my kind of therapy).

i adore quiet days at home, taking pictures, looking at pictures, writing, singing for all to hear, catching up with friends, drinking tea (& coffee), and baking. so my life sounds dull. maybe to some it is, but to me, it's perfect. i am so overwhelmed by God's provision, so thankful for this beautiful life i've been blessed with. the road hasn't been charmed, the journey not always easy. but after every bend in the road, God remained (& will always remain) the same. thank goodness.

2011 i can't believe you're almost here, but i am SO excited for all that's ahead. p.s. i am so thankful that i have found my identity in Christ. i hurt for the people who are still "trying to figure themselves out." i know that life still has much to teach me, and that i still have a lot to figure out. but for me, it's not a burden, it's an adventure, because i KNOW that in all of it, He will be there. i am loved, i am not alone, i am led...& i am grateful.

i was inspired by a friend of mine to say this: i am bubbly, and yet introverted; social, and yet a hermit; adventurous, and yet a homebody; open-hearted, and yet selectively vulnerable. through it all, life has taught me that your heart will always be at home, always with those you love most, those who teach you the most, challenge you, and those whom you will always cherish. friendships are not measured by their quantity, but by their quality. i have one best friend, few close friends, and yet i am blessed beyond measure by their hearts & their love. who could ask for more?

as we head into this new year, remember to love more, laugh more, and cherish & adore the things your heart holds close, because time changes, we change, but HE remains faithful. always & forever. may God continue to unveil his beauty to you each day, & may you find peace & rest in His loving arms.


  1. debs, sometimes i read your writing & think im reading my own thoughts.

    i agree, sister. i pray too that God would daily reveal more of His beauty & keep my heart open to Him.. it's so awesome to know people who feel the same way :)

    have a beautiful & blessed holiday season

  2. thank you for those thoughts morgan! the same back to you friend =)