December 24, 2010

merry christmas to all.


a) the blog got a face lift. a much needed one at that.

b) my little sister just sleep-walked. legitimately. i wish i had a camera for moments like those.

c) a little part of me wants to take one picture every day for a whole year. ridiculous i know (but not really since my camera is basically just an extension of my right arm), but it would be a little fun don't you think? k, maybe that's just me.

d) i'm not as bad as ice skater as i thought i was. not great, but not bad.

e) i have discovered a new blog & i love it & i think you should check it out too: (thanks again

f) it's christmas eve, which in case you didn't know is my absolute favorite night of the year (new year's eve ranks a close second). what a beautiful night of family fun, memories, and awestruck reflection on what a glorious thing happened 2000 years ago. there is nothing more beautiful than hearing hundreds of voices reverently singing "silent night."

g) like i said, it's christmas eve, so that means movie & memory time with the siblings.

merry christmas. may it be a blessed one no matter how difficult things may be, or how much you may hate the christmas season (which is absolutely appalling, and if you do, i certainly don't want to hear about it). forget wordly woes and familial worries, and indulge in a day of giving (...& receiving), feasting, celebrating, reflecting, and rejoicing. it truly is the most wonderful time of the year.

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