December 22, 2010

early to bed, early to rise, makes a man (girl) healthy, wealthy, & wise.

bucket list 2011:

- do not get a parking ticket.
- yell at drivers less...cultivate patience.
- laugh more, worry less.
- sleep more.
- go to bed at a reasonable hour.
- don't waste a precious minute.
- cultivate reliability: text people back. respond to messages. keep in touch.
- confront issues.
- vote as often as possible, and politically educate myself.
- stay up to date with the news: podcast.
- learn to lead worship playing either guitar or piano.
- study for tests, keep up on class readings.
- use the shuttle less. bike/walk to class more often.
- ride the bus to work.
- ride my bike to run local errands.
- blog more.
- take a photography class.
- spend time outside every day.
- read (at least) a chapter of the Bible every day.
- wake up, & talk with God.
- go to bed, talking with God.
- go on a road trip.
- be spontaneous.
- balance friendships & to-do lists.
- listen more, talk less.
- pray more, gripe less.
- impress others less. impress God instead.
- save & tithe consistently.
- buy only what you love.
- eat out less, be health/money-conscious about meals.
- don't eat after 7:30pm (except Yogurtland, of course).
- drink more tea, less coffee.
- cherish friends, family, & love. always.
- visit Les in Hawaii.
- continue to trust in God's plan, & live life for its eternal purpose.
- study abroad.
- do not talk behind people's backs, even if others are doing it.
- do something different.
- listen to Jesus music more, & pointless music less.
- write a song.
- don't forget anyone's birthday.
- reclaim straight A's.
- give gifts randomly.
- pray, & then be impulsive.
- say what you mean, always mean what you say.

twothousandeleven, i can't wait to see what you have in store...


  1. oh my goodness, so many of these are on my bucket list too! especially waking up & going to bed talking to God.

    however, drinking less coffee was not on my list.
    it probably should be.
    im slightly addicted.

  2. I was just gonna say.....get rid of that coffee one!!! Coffee has been proven to keep cancers away!

  3. I like this, quite a bit actually. Never made a list b-4. I know some peeps who would be glad to help you with #11. But your makin enemies with us coffee lovers...

  4. ok you coffee nuts. i love coffee. but i never drink it straight...always creamy & sugary which isn't so good you know? hence, the tea.