May 8, 2013

engagement photos // wide open spaces

where has the time gone today?! that's all i keep thinking...also, my eyes can hardly focus on the computer screen for one more minute, and all i've wanted to do since the minute after i stumbled out of bed this morning is to fall right back into my sheets and sleep for days. but this is the last week of classes, my lesson plan and final presentation are due in 26 hours, my portfolio should also technically be finished tomorrow, and finals are next week - so suck it up buttercup, the real world needs you!

today, i'm sharing the second half of our engagement session - a few beautiful hours spent in the golden hills of orange county. i seriously loved this part of the day, and i want to go back to these fields just to explore a little more - it was beautiful!

today marks ninety-five days until our wedding day - depending on how i look at it, it either totally freaks me out, or i just can't wait for day zero to get here! there is so much we still need to, things that have been put on hold as we wrap up college, and yet i just can't wait to wake up the morning after our wedding day, look at that handsome man of mine and whisper, we're married. even just thinking about it now puts a smile on my face...a smile like this:

 just as we walked toward the sunlight, hand-in-hand and side-by-side, i cannot wait to journey the rest of our life together. sometimes, we'll be heading into unknowns, sometimes into seasons of joy or seasons of sorrow, but no matter what, we'll be there together - always. 

 all photos taken by Jordan Lewis Photography

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