May 6, 2013


this weekend, love looked like

a 2 hour car trip just to be together

taking a detour to visit one of our spots

making meatloaf for dinner
stopping at the bookstore to run an errand
butting heads, but resolving to work it out
lots of prayer
an early morning church service
spending the day apartment hunting and spending more time praying for our future

buying a latte

proofreading my thesis
pushing the grocery cart
standing in line at the theater for an hour
sneaking coffee into the movies
holding hands during the sermon
talking about the things God is doing in our life
realizing our wedding day/night is less than 100 days away
grabbing mission slip letters from the church office
stealing kisses

2 years ago, i gave my first kiss to this man, a kiss i'd been saving for my whole life - i think at this moment i said, 'aren't you glad i'm a much better kisser now than i was then?' ;]

putting his hand on my knee while i drove and he read
and learning how to love more selflessly.

the greatest thing about love is that it chooses you, and you choose it in return - every day, every hour, no matter what.

standing at the spot where T asked me to be his girl over 2 years ago!

i hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


  1. I remember that night, 2 years ago, very vividly...too vividly ;)