April 2, 2012

engagement photos: james & amanda

in case you didn't know, one of my dearest friends amanda got engaged to her best friend about 6 weeks ago. a few weeks ago they asked me to take some 'save the date' photos for them - i had never done anything like this before, so i was a little unsure about it, but it ended up going so well! we had a blast. these two were obviously having such a blast just being together and are absolutely in love with each other. these next few months til the wedding will be so filled with excitement and anticipation, and i can't wait to stand next to amanda on her wedding day, so proud and so thrilled.

the feedback on these photos totally overwhelmed me, and i am so so so glad they met 'jamanda's' needs and expectations. as my first 'professional' shoot, it was such a joy, and a taste of what a photography career might be like - and i loved it! 

enjoy the photos, and wish these two lovebirds some love!



  1. Oh Deb, thank you again a million times over! You saved the day (with our save-the-dates? haha) and we are so pleased that we are probably not even going to do our free engagement shoot that comes with our photographer!

    Maybe after I'm married and out of school I'll take up photography as a hobby and become pro in time to take pictures of you when you're engaged! Heh heh...just a thought. And an expensive one at that.

    Thanks for being the best MOH I could've asked for! ^_^

  2. These pictures are beautiful! I hope mine and Jamie's turn out this well.