April 10, 2012


this easter was one of my favorites - or maybe they just get better every year...the truth that Jesus conquered death is so triumphant, so powerful. and every year, i'm more overjoyed and more thankful.

our easter this year started bright and early at the sunrise service. it was the first time i'd been at a sunrise service, and i loved it! singing outside in the courtyard, coffee in hand, and watching the sunrise, was so refreshing and an absolute perfect start to the day.

after the service it was time to get ready for tempo, and it was also my first time singing with the worship team - oh man i was SO excited. T was the best and went on a starbucks run and took pictures and was so absolutely supportive. i got to sing with a dear friend of mine, and the whole morning was such a blast (minus the shaky knees and the nerves!). it was such an honor to lead the congregation in song and praise God for the most important celebration in Christianity.

and we matched! totally unplanned, totally perfect.

after church, T thought he was scheduled to work, which i was a little bit bummed about. but really, we had already had the best morning ever - him serving in the sunrise service, me serving in Tempo, both of us spending time with our friends and our Jesus - that i was absolutely content with how happy our Easter had already been. we snatched a quick lunch with Jamanda (after realizing that everything is closed on Easter Sunday - which i fully support, unless i'm the hungry person who wants lunch ;]). and we took lots & lots of pictures - duh.

all spiffed up for Easter!

my favorite, ever.

surprise of all surprises though, T didn't have to work after all and called me 2 hours after his "shift" started saying he was off! what an extra blessing! a quiet day in, getting things done, doing homework, making dinner, and eating chocolate chip cookies was the perfect ending to such a wonderful day...what a happy happy Easter!

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