October 29, 2013

re-claiming contentment

just a few years ago, God was majorly pressing contentment on my heart, specifically in the area of relationships, of ever meeting "the one." it was a hard lesson, but a freeing one. when i came to peace with finding my worth, value, and identity in Jesus alone, Travis came out of nowhere and started pursuing me (it doesn't work like that every time, but that time it did, and it was an incredible God-gift).

right now, i feel the challenge to be content showing up again, differently this time. it's about finding contentment in our circumstances, our financial situation, our work, our friendships with others. and that's hard in a culture that feeds on our desire for more - i need this dress, or purse, or pair of shoes, i wish my hair looked like that or i wish my house looked like theirs, i need a bigger income, more time, a better relationship, more talent, or more space for "me." the thoughts, the wants, are endless. and we're never satisfied with what we have. lately, i've been picking and choosing contentment - i'm happy with this, but i wish that would be easier/bigger/better/more. but the challenge is to be content with everything, exactly where we're at with exactly what we have. to say "no" to more and "thank you" for what we've been given. because we will never find fulfillment in chasing our desires, wants, or the things we think we need. our hearts must choose to be still, to be grateful. i'm heading in to this fall/holiday season pursuing contentment. and i know it will be challenged, but by grace, i'll choose gratitude for what i have and look for ways to give instead of ways to gratify myself. 

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