October 22, 2013

our first camping trip

nothing makes our hearts happier than spending time in the great outdoors. it connects us and reconnects us when life has gotten busy. the stillness, the stars, the majestic trees, and the shadowy mountains, they remind us of how perfect, how big, how creative our God is. 

last weekend, we were able to spend a night away in the mountains, and man was it good for my soul. singing worship around the campfire, engaging in conversation with friends who are in the same season as us, sipping on hot chocolate, and roasting s'mores - does it get better? i wish we could have spent 5 more nights in our cozy little tent and our cozy sleeping bags (that zip together - how genius is that?!), and i can't wait for our next trip! 

1 comment:

  1. How fun!
    I can't wait for the four of us to go camping :)