October 29, 2013

a changed perspective

last weekend, on our way from our first camping trip, we stopped along the way at mormon rocks. we've driven past these strange rock formations a handful of times, but always passed them on the way to a destination. but this time, we pulled over and decided to savor the rest of our day together, exploring and adventuring any way we could. they almost look like the carsland rocks, right?! it's a puzzling and majestic sight. the landscape around us stirred me, and as i looked around, i realized how photography has changed my perspective.

being a photographer has changed the way i see things. the big picture, the details - i never noticed them before. i wouldn't be surprised if i never took the time to notice them. especially the details. the patterns on a little leaf, the textures in the ground, the shades of color in a plant, the way the sunlight reflects on the earth. but as a photographer, i've learned to train my eye, to look for something different through the lens, and it's changed the way i see everything. and it's deepened my understanding of our Creator as well. my awe of Him and the beauty He is intricately designed has only grown in the last year and a bit, and i hope it will always continue to grow. 

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  1. there is a writer i like a lot named jonalyn fincher. she talks about being a "hunter of beauty". not in the sense of hunting to destroy and kill, but rather to seek, find, and savor -- especially when it comes to other people. she talks about finding the beauty in all people - and if that seems hard (aka, someone you aren't fond of or don't consider beautiful), envision them in the way their mom, spouse, or even the Lord sees them. I just love that and I too want to be a hunter of beauty :)