October 26, 2013

a delicious autumn day at apple hill

there is nothing quite like apple hill in the fall. barns are stored full of apples, shelves are lined with apple butter and apply syrup, and picnic tables are covered with plates of pie, crumble, crisp, turnover, or any other kind of apple and pumpkin pastry you can imagine, and cups are topped with hot apple cider. it is a delicious place to be. and a beautiful one. 

yesterday, we celebrated my little brother's 9th birthday, and it is just oh-so-good to be home. my soul needed it. plus, as excited as people get about fall in southern california, there really is no such thing as fall in southern california (not along the beach that is). we can pretend and dress like it, but we can't see it and smell it and feel it. 

so, grab a cup of hot chocolate and imagine yourself here...

the birthday boy! 

and thus started an impromptu string of family photos in an apple orchard - how could i resist?! 

here's to wishing you all a happy weekend - go bake a pie or heat up a cup of hot chocolate and savor this delicious season! 

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