September 23, 2013

winding down from the weekend

it's officially fall, and my little heart is celebrating on this brisk and sunny morning!

now that Travis works full time, we live for the weekends, and we have been blessed with a string of restful and encouraging weekends. for the last 3 weeks, we've had friends over for dinner and have loved inviting people into our home for an evening of food and fellowship - and a wild game night or two. 

we've been challenged by our new lead pastor in many areas and have also loved serving in the Jr. High ministry. we love our quiet saturday mornings, our sunday naps, and putting the house together a little bit at a time. as we wind down every sunday night, i just can't help but think how much i love our life. it has its bumps and pits, but God is good, and we are continually reminded of that. He will provide, as long as we are faithful with what we've already been given, as long as we diligently put him first (and that's hard work too). 

on top of a wonderful weekend, T has been spoiling me this past week. love has looked like making a smoothie before another long day of class, having a mug of coffee and a sweet card waiting on the table in the morning, mumbling a "will you go on a breakfast date with me tomorrow?" as we fell asleep, surprising me with another card, helping me make the bed, never hesitating to put us first when we need it, supporting my dreams...i am undeservedly blessed. marriage, friendship, relationship, is a sweet sweet gift. 

have a happy first week of fall, friends - and savor every minute of the gifts you've been given. 

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