September 9, 2013

our home tour // kitchen & bedroom

throughout our first month of marriage so far, there have been several times where T and i have looked at each other and said, "no one told us it'd be like this!" and they aren't big things or terrible things, they're just things we didn't expect, new lessons for us to learn. when we asked another recently wed couple how marriage was so far, they emphatically replied, "it's a learning curve!" and man, they are so right. but it's the best kind of learning. rewarding, satisfying, and celebratory learning sprinkled with hugs and kisses. 

since we came home from our honeymoon, our house has been littered with boxes and piles of things waiting to be organized. and people, i do not do well with transition. if i could wave my magic wand and make all of those boxes and piles disappear, i'd do it in a heartbeat. fortunately, we've been assured by many other newlywed couples that this is in fact completely normal. taking two lives and making them one is work, and a lot of snack-breaks and episodes of Friday Night Lights, and a lot of throwing things away ;] but this past weekend we tackled a big pile of things, donated a car-load to Goodwill, and got our place a little more together (thank you, husband for putting up with my OCD-ness and for tackling everything with me!). to celebrate i'm sharing a little peek of our home, because sometimes i just need to remind myself that we did in fact accomplish something, and it won't kill me to wait until next weekend to put away the next few boxes. 

and in the spirit of productivity, it's time to officially change my last name and become Mrs. Gilley - woop! 

have a happy monday, sweet friends - and don't forget to celebrate how far you've come, no matter what it may be. 


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