September 13, 2013

honeymoon days // insta-style

can i get a TGIF?! like big time? 

now that i'm back in school full-time and Travis is back at work full-time, i look forward to the weekends like none other. and because my brain is winding down and i'm entering relax mode, it's time for a few random thoughts:

// we are on the job hunt, for both of us. and it's exciting. nerve-racking, because in all honesty, the numbers aren't adding up and they need to, but exciting because there are opportunities in sight for us both. but it's also a lesson in letting go of control and letting God provide. it's about finding that fine balance between taking initiative and ultimately letting the Lord have control. and He will provide, i know it without a single doubt. He has never and will never set us up to fail. so pray for us, k? 

// i want to become a better time-manager, because let's be real guys, i am the worst. i try to multi-task all the time, but multi-tasking just causes endless distractions. it is SO hard for me to sit down and just get. it. done. i procrastinate, i rush things, i don't do it with all my heart. and that's not how i want to do things. so if you have any great time-management/self-discipline tips, help a girl out. 

// this week, we celebrated one happy month of marriage, and i love being Travis' wife today even more than i did yesterday. it's funny though, sometimes everything still feels temporary to us. like, is this really how it will always be? we get to live together, do life together, wake up together, go to bed together, make decisions together, and tackle every season together, forever? it's surreal. 

// and just for kicks, and because i haven't put together a post of all my 'fancy' pictures yet, i'm including a few honeymoon photos insta-style. 

have a happy weekend, friends!

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