September 26, 2013

our wedding day // photo sneak peeks

you GUYS - our wedding photos arrived in my inbox this week, and i was so excited i literally almost jumped out of my seat! i've been drooling over them all week, and have only just started picking some of my favorites. going through them with Travis was like reliving our entire wedding day - seeing things that we never even noticed or saw, remembering all of the wonderful people there, re-feeling all the emotions of the day - and it was a sweet gift. 

our photographers were a gift in themselves, literally. i have looked up to and admired Jillian's work for well over a year now, so when she offered to shoot our wedding in exchange for a trip to Southern California, my jaw dropped to the floor. dreams just don't come true like that - but prayers do! having her and her hilarious husband there made our day even more special and meaningful, and i cannot even express how grateful we were and always will be. 

i can't wait to share even more throughout the next few weeks. as a photographer, these images are priceless and precious to me - more than i could have ever dreamed of or hoped for. 

happy thursday, guys! 

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