November 15, 2012

sweet family // the foster family

guys, i cannot even begin to tell you how i excited i was about this shoot. Scott, Erica, and their sweet baby girl have become really special people to T and i in the last year, and i am so grateful for their friendship, encouragement, and support in our life. next to Jesus, they have probably helped us grow the most in the last year, and every minute of it has rocked my socks off. 

when Erica asked me to shoot their family photos, my little self got so so so excited. like, so excited. when they showed up at the park, the first words out of their mouths were, 'we're really not good picture takers.' 

oh, please.

i am seriously over the moon about these images. what a fun, fun afternoon we had! 

when baby Claire woke up, she was ALL smiles for dad - what a delight! p.s. these were the first 'father-daughter' photos these two took - THAT makes me happy!

oh this girl, she is the sweetest. 

thank you, foster family, for being such a delight and joy to work with! 


  1. LOVE these!!
    i am dying over Claire. DYING!

    1. isn't she the cutest? she was just loving on the camera with her sweet little face.

      thank you!

  2. These pictures are so precious!
    One of the cutest families I know!

    Awesome job as always ;D

    1. Kasey, you and your family have just rocked my world today with all of your excitement and encouragement! Thank you SO much - it means the world, seriously.