November 8, 2012

senior // rachel hatten

GUYS! it rained this morning! that has absolutely nothing to do with these beautiful photos, but for us southern californians who've been suffering with stupid heat waves, hearing the rain pound on the roof at 5am this morning instantly brightened my day. but i digress...

last weekend, i had the VERY fun opportunity to take rachel's senior photos - and i LOVED it. this girl was so effortless in front of the camera and seriously worked it, for the entire time. we both had a SUCH blast! 

she is such a sweet young lady (who just got her license - watch out world ;]) and it was a joy to capture this special moment for her before she graduates and begins her next adventure in college! 

happy thursday, friends!

1 comment:

  1. These photos are great Debbie!! I love that her gown color is purple! Lucky girl!