November 10, 2012

sweet family // the douglas family

the way my path crossed with this darling family is pretty unique, and i'm so thankful it happened! about 2 years ago, i was on a mission trip in mexico with my mom and sister, where we met Brian, who only lives about 10 minutes away from me! his family also happened to need a new baby sitter at the time, and i'm so glad i was able to meet that need, because their 2 little kids (now 3) are the absolute cutest. 

this entire family is SUCH a blessing to be around, and i'm so glad that we were able to reconnect again during this shoot - can't you just see their joy? every time around them, i can't help but think, 'i want to be JUST like them when i grow up!' they are a beautiful example of what a healthy, happy marriage and family look like.

leave them some love, and have a happy weekend!! 

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