December 6, 2012

sweet family // the heffernan's

i have totally fallen off the blog train, but for the sake of TONS more work, and for that i'm so thankful! i am so excited about the end of this year and the few goals i still have to accomplish, and then the start of a FRESH new year! 

when andrea of He Calls Me Wifey contacted me to take christmas photos for her and dave, i almost died. and then she started coming up with these brilliant ideas - bicycles, books, coffee, blankets - and then i really started getting excited. it is a dream to work with clients who are brimming with creative ideas.  not only is andrea one of the most stunning people i know, but she and dave are also hilarious - they were such a huge JOY to work with! 

dave and andrea - thank you for all of your encouragement and excitement over these photos. you guys totally rock!


  1. you are seriously THE BEST. love you, girl!

    1. Andrea, I just went through these again tonight and reminisced on how FUN this session was! Let's do it again soon! Miss you =)