May 17, 2012

wish list

my birthday is in less 2 months. i'm almost 100% that i'll be celebrating my 21st birthday in china, and i have no idea what that will look like! but i am excited!!

whenever my birthday or christmas is around the corner, i always make a wish list. this is this year's wish list, so far.

photoshop lightroom

an iphone

money to take a photography class

a fun camera strap (etsy, anyone?)

new books, about photography or Jesus

of course, there are other little knick-knacks that i love, like coffee mugs, or photo frames/albums, or music. but these are the BIG things i'm saving up for...and maybe someone who loves me will surprise me with them. or a coalition of people who love me, since i'm kind of asking for a lot. 

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