May 15, 2012


this past weekend, i got to hang out with one of my best high school friends. she came down to SoCal to visit her boo, but i got to steal her for a day first, which was wonderful! we met way back when in 8th grade, but i think it wasn't until after high school that we truly became better friends. her creativity, her transparency, and her heart for the Lord have always inspired me. i remember always thinking in high school, 'i want to be just like this girl!' we've come to a point though where i think we both want to just be better versions of ourselves as we help each other along the way. i'm so glad for the few moments here and there i get with her.

we enjoyed the most delicious lunch at Crema Cafe in seal beach (which you should really go to if you haven't yet)...

...and then strolled down main street before stopping and grabbing coffee before heading back on the road (Javatinis is delicious! and definitely a new favorite coffeeshop). 

and of course we took pictures! if i were honest with you, i'd tell you that jordan is the one who actually inspired me to pursue photography. remember how i said i wanted to be just like her? well she has always been a phenomenal photographer and she taught me so much of what i know! this time we got to take pictures of each other, and i am in love with them.


and for all your CSULBers out there...happy finals week!


  1. love these!
    they're so fun and personal.

    1. thank you! they were so fun to take!! =)