May 1, 2012

summer is almost here

i'm sitting in my history lecture right now, totally tuning out. there are only 4 classes left and all i can say is 'thank you sweet Jesus.' this semester has given me a run for my money. 

i posted on FB last week that i am looking forward to to a clean, fresh start when summer comes around. here's what i mean:

in june, i'll be moving out of my little studio and renting a room in a friend's house. i'm so excited for that. i've been thinking a lot about simplicity lately. there was a photo i saw on pinterest the other week that said 'give me a small apartment, enough food to eat, and a job that i love.' amen. we don't need clutter and extravagance and more than enough. we just need enough. i'm excited to save some money and tuck it away for future things. you know, 'future things.' ;] i'm excited to sell the furniture and things i've accumulated this past year and tuck that money away for future things as well. 

this summer, i want to get back into a regular routine concerning discipleship and Bible study. i came to the conclusion that i spent more time pouring into others than feeding myself this semester. in exchange for all the leadership i took on, i completely eliminated any time for myself. so this summer, that's going to change. there needs to be balance, you know? i'm totally stoked about it. 

on the same note, i'm going to be taking a step back going into this next fall. i want to devote more time to serving people, rather than just leading them. 

i'm all about organizing, organizing, organizing. so, in addition to cleaning everything out this summer, i'm also going to reorganize what i already have. i want to start the next school year a little more on top of things. 

speaking of, after summer, i'm going into my last year of college! holy smokes! i can't believe it.

only 2 page flips left til the official end of the semester. halle-lu-jah. 

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  1. I'm so jealous you'll get to live with Melvin! It seems like everyone is getting kittens and I can't have one... yet... ;]

    I know I said this to you in person last week but I wanted to say it again. If you want to be filled with God's word/truly discipled and be amazed beyond belief, I'd love to go through a summer [consistent!] bible study with you (and I would drop everything to do so). Been praying for you, keep persevering friend!