May 2, 2014


oh these sweet jeffrey's. we are so lucky to have them in our life. just witnessing their love and joy in one another is a treat, and we are blessed to have friends such as these! and as a photographer? these two made my job SO easy. i think i could take them to the middle of a dump and they'd still make gorgeous images simply because of their contagious laughter and obvious love for each other (was that a weird compliment?). greg + brooke define what it means to be married to your best friend, and they make it look so dang good! 

after we took brooke's graduation photos, greg jumped in and we captured a happy little laid back session around their neighborhood - enjoy!

hey you two, Travis + I are so happy you're a part of our life. we can't wait to see what adventures come your way, but no matter where life takes us, we'll always be thankful for your fun and life-giving friendship! 


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