May 27, 2014


we met in the college choir - a little one-unit elective we both took because we loved singing (and when you're a freshman, you just sign up for EVERYTHING in the hopes of making new friends). on those 20 minute walks to the music building, we quickly became friends, and emily has been a constant in my life for the past five years. after a long season of prayer, patience, and perseverance, my sweet friend is officially off to grad school. while i could not be more excited to see her achieve this goal and pursue her dream, i am also selfishly not ready to see her go. BUT, i know this strong, smart, and talented lady is going to rock the pants off grad school - i can't wait to see where life will take her! 

while we were sipping lattes and chatting about life on an early morning last week, i realized how much she means to me and how deeply i'm going to miss having her so close. in true em + deb fashion, it wouldn't be a proper good bye without one last coffee date and a quick mini shoot - my favorite kind of session! 

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