May 29, 2014


when this adorable family pulled up for their photoshoot and pulled out a red wagon and fedora hats for their boys, i about died - seriously. but it isn't just the beautiful scenery, the outfits, or the props that made this shoot all that it was. it was the pure delight and love expressed in the Meador family. they love to play together, laugh together, and love each other. 

this session could also not have been timed more perfectly. as a military family, they reminded me what we truly honor and celebrate over memorial day weekend. it's the sacrifice of families like this - sacrificing their comfort, security, and for some, even their lives - that ensures our freedom. and with that freedom comes a huge responsibility for us to DO something good, to fight for the freedom of others, for justice everywhere. whether in the service or not, we all have opportunities to encourage change, whether it be in our families, in our neighborhoods, our schools, or in another country. 

to the meador family, and the thousands of others like them who serve our nation with their whole life, words cannot describe how grateful i am. 

stay tuned for part two tomorrow! 


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