August 6, 2013

senior // Katie

you guys, this is the last preview i will post as a Debbie Huber, because in FIVE DAYS i'll be a married woman! words cannot even describe how excited i am, how eagerly T and i are counting down the days...but that has absolutely nothing to do with this beautiful senior session! that'll be another story for another day...

in other news, today i get to share a senior session with the sweetest and most hilarious young lady. spending time with Katie was a pure delight, and when her BFF Mia joined the fun for a few photos, we could just hardly contain all the hysterical laughter and silly-ness that followed. i loved every single minute of it! 

after soaking in the waves at the pier, we headed to a nearby greenway to capture the last few moments of the sun's glorious, glorious light. 

katie, you beautiful girl you! thank you for asking me to capture these sweet moments of you as you head into your senior year and prepare for all the exciting things ahead! and welcome home from Costa Rica! i can't wait to see what other adventures God has in store for you - no matter what, i know you will succeed in it all! xo.

have a wonderful week you all - i'll see you again when i'm Mrs. Gilley!

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