August 25, 2013

newlywed lesson #1

today marks our two week anniversary - TWO WEEKS! the time is already flying by, and i just can't even imagine what it will feel like 2, 5, 15 years from now. people, marriage is the best thing. believe me, in our first 2 weeks we've already been challenged, have already failed, and have already learned so much. i've had 'wife-fail' moments, lessons that taught me how to love my husband better, how to put him first in all things. and that isn't always easy to do. but it's worth it - it is always absolutely worth it. 

newlywed lesson #1:

a man can do anything with his wife's support. i didn't realize the gravity of that until just this past week. T works incredibly hard for us, and while i'm at home gearing up for school, sorting through the mail, cleaning the house, preparing meals, and running errands, he spends 10 hours away from home making everything possible for us. words cannot even express how appreciative i am of him, how proud i am of his faithfulness and diligence to us. almost every day i ask him what i can do for him in return, and almost every time he answers 'your support means the world to me - it lifts me up and encourages me and makes it all seem worth it.' even if you aren't married yet, friends, begin practicing words of encouragement and support, because one day, you may have a husband, and if you do, he will thrive on it. with it, he can conquer the world. without it, you can crush him. 

in addition to baking off the charts (hello happy newlywed pounds - that's why they call them love-handles, baby), sleeping in, and making our house more of a home, every bit of doing life with that sexy husband of mine brings me sheer delight. 

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