August 22, 2013

it's been quite the year, people

i knew this day would come.

the day when i'd glance back at this year and just sigh with a 'wow'.

so far, in 2013 we: 

were engaged
completed another full semester of college
finished my thesis
completed an internship
both graduated with our bachelor's degrees
applied to the credential program
travelled to europe
attended several weddings
planned our own wedding
moved out
moved in to our new apartment
spent almost a month in china
vacationed in hawaii
spent several weekends/weeks up north
quit a job
changed jobs
moved in together

and we have consumed probably 413 cups of coffee, shed many tears, laughed our hearts out, adventured together, and learned more about life, each other, and our Jesus than ever before.

and there are still four months left in 2013. it has been and will be without a doubt one of the most transformational, challenging, rewarding, and unforgettable years of our life.

this week has been the first week of our 'new routine' and we love it, absolutely love it. when we were engaged, people would often ask what we were most looking forward to about marriage (besides the obvious!) and we would always tell them that we were so excited to just do life together - to wake up next to each other every day and start the day as a team, to merge everything we had as individuals into our new together life, and to end every day side by side. and that has been, without a doubt, the best part. last night was the first time we were out with a group of people and then got to drive home together, without having to say goodnight - i was ridiculously excited about it. 

but a new routine also means lots of change - good change, but lots of it. it's things like figuring out a house-cleaning routine, tackling projects together, being together but not really being together, discussing everything with each other - plans, time, finances, purchases, our home - finding time to rest but still finding time to be intentional with each other and those around us. i know that it will take a while to settle in to everything, and there is no one i'd rather navigate this new chapter with. 

above all, God has been good, so good to us. He provides when we seem to have run out of resources, He unexpectedly showers us with blessings, He has surrounded us with a strong community, and He loves us. that in itself is all we could ever need. even if He took everything away, we would still have love - for each other, and for Him. 

so here we are, married, head over heels in love, and so ready to embrace the days, months, and years that still lie ahead of us.

and to all of you that have carried us up to this point, all of you who have filled us with encouragement, wisdom, guidance, and support, those of you who made our wedding day more magical than we could have ever hoped, and all of you who are behind us, praying for us, and believing in us - thank you. 

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