January 30, 2013

day 40

2 nights ago we talked about roles - what you would do around the house, what i would do, and what we'd share. i'm so thankful you volunteered to take care of the car things - i am the absolute worst at remembering to get an oil change or buy new tires. and i'm excited to schedule your eye doctor appointments and dentist and doctor check-ups. thank you for taking care of the big things, like insurance, but including me in all of it. 

yesterday, you did an oil change for my poor little car, and i am so grateful to you. ever since i was 12 years old, i've been so used to taking care of all the stereotypical "man" things around the house. after dad was gone, mom taught herself all those skills because we didn't have enough money to call in specialists all the time. within a year, she was a plumber, electrician, contractor, and anything else she had to pick up to keep things running around the house. i became a professional wood splitter and kindling chopper, took care of all the yard work, bought my first car with just my mom, did all the heavy lifting around the house, and became mom's right-hand girl. i'm so used to doing everything myself - you know this: "it's ok, i got it." "no, i don't need help." thank you for pushing through and always insisting on being there for me, and for taking care of me. after almost 10 years of taking care of myself and my sisters, of being part of a band of 4 strong Huber women who held down the fort, it is such a blessing to have a man like you in my life. you bless me every day, but especially yesterday - an oil change and then managing dinner? goodness. you rock my socks off. 

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