February 4, 2013

day 45

this weekend was absolutely wonderful, mostly thanks to you. 

remember that one time, we invited some friends over for dinner, but somehow they didn't get the message that they were actually going to eat dinner with us? and i made that pasta, you know, the one you love, and then we awkwardly ate in front of them while they watched us eat (because they had just eaten, you know). everything about that was awkward, and if it had just been me, i would have felt weird all night, but covered it up with the awkward things that come out of my mouth and my silly smiles. thank you for laughing so easily, for making situations better just by being there, for being funny, and just for being yourself. i really was super bummed that i put so much time and heart into making that dinner to share and then half of it got tossed into tupperware for leftovers. oh well. we now have a good story. 

on saturday, i attended Brandness (which was SO good), and which i will be sharing more about later. thank you for supporting me in things like that, and for giving up a saturday with me so i could go chase my dreams. and then, as if you weren't already wonderful enough, you answered the phone while i was stuck in LA traffic with a, "hi love, can i take you out to dinner tonight?" you slay me. 

remember that one time we talked for hours about life and our big God and the part He plays in our life? well, that time I talked and you listened, for a long time. bless your heart (no, but seriously). and thanks for not making me feel like a total weirdo when i asked you if i could get fries as a pre-appetizer. i was sohungry. 

sunday was the perfect sunday. also, you know what rocks? you asked me out on a sunday, then we got engaged on a sunday, and we're getting married on a sunday too. sundays are by far, my favorite days with you. 

and by the way, my arm feels like a limp rag. 2 hours of basketball and racquetball will do that to you. 

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  1. love this! you guys are just too cute!