January 21, 2013


this year, i definitely want to blog more - especially considering what a life-changing year this will be! i've always loved journaling, but if there's one thing i lack, it's self-discipline. self-discipline to read regularly, write regularly, spend time with Jesus, exercise, and all of those other disciplines. maybe if i just set aside a little time each day to posting something, made it a part of my routine, i could become better disciplined.

the school semester starts tomorrow, and that overwhelms me a little bit. it's going to be a full course load, plus i'll be writing my thesis, working part-time, putting more energy into Debbie Huber Photography, and planning our wedding. we are also still prayerfully considering how we can serve in church ministry this year. the new year marked our transition out of the college group and into the young adults/young marrieds group at church. not only did we make the move for the sake of moving into deeper fellowship, but also to step back from service a little. a friend of mine told me that T and i are the kind of people who give and give and give, and then we give a little more. the compliment was flattering, but our never-ending list of obligations can also be a danger. as we prepare for our marriage especially, we want to start on a firm foundation, fully present and invested in the next season of our life. we do not want to be burnt out, bitter, or overwhelmed. as much as we love to serve, that requires a very intentional decision to weigh every opportunity carefully.

our word for this year is 'simplify.'

simplify our schedules.
simplify our daily life.
simplify our material possessions.
simplify our responsibilities.

to move away from constant busy-ness and to realign our priorities with God's priorities.

 one of my favorite worship songs says, 'break my heart, for what breaks yours' and every time i sing those words my prayer is that my heart would always be a reflection of His heart.

i would rather be 110% invested in a few things, than serve in a million ways with a half-hearted attitude. it's going to be a hard discipline for us, one that we will have to hold each other accountable on. i am so thankful to be in a relationship where we always make decisions together, where we consult each other on every plan, dream, and opportunity, and then ultimately surrender it to God. T often apologizes for telling me everything on his mind, but i would rather know everything than keep things hidden from one another. it is so important to us that we are always on the same page and always in communication with each other.

my prayer of this first part of 2013 especially is that i would walk in wisdom and peace, that i would surrender every decision and detail to the King and rest in His strength. i pray that these next 7 months would draw T and i even closer to each other, to our family, and to our community so that we would enter into marriage covered in love - our love for one another, for each other, and most of all, for our Jesus. it's going to be an amazing year.

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  1. I really like your sentiment here. I made the mistake of thinking that I just had to push through college, and once I got to Grad School, having little church responsibilities, home responsibilities, and working in my department would simplify my life substantially... I was wrong, and so I entered grad school burnt out and bitter. My attitude about school and about life has been substantially negative since. I'm trying to pull my head up now, but it is very difficult at times. So yes, strive for simplification, and prepare for what's ahead!