March 8, 2012

KONY 2012

i haven't blogged in a good while. over a month actually. not because i haven't had anything to say, but because there's been so much going on that i've been trying my hardest to keep my head above water. good things. but a lot of them.

from my best friend's wedding, which was beautiful and perfect and so refreshing, to my college best friend's engagement one week later, i have now realized that i will not escape wedding fever for the next few years. and in total, i'll have been maid-of-honoring for over a year. it's an honor.

valentine's day came and went (remember that? seems like so long ago), and then a couple of weeks later, it was time to celebrate T's 22nd birthday. i LOVE birthdays. balloons, cake and candles, a surprise party - the whole shebang. it was such a blast celebrating and spoiling him for the whole day. he deserved it. i kid you not, i woke up on his birthday probably more excited than he was. i'm telling you, i love birthdays.

two days after that, we celebrated our first year of dating, and it was such a happy day. i can't believe so much time has passed, and yet, it feels like it flew by. every day God gives us together is another blessing.

between endless exams and class readings, i'm trying to stay afloat and survive til spring break. school is, unfortunately, so not my priority.

there's your brief wrap-up and now we're here today. well wait. backtrack. yesterday. what a day.

yesterday, i spent the whole day in doctor's offices, shuffling paperwork, and making phone calls. health issues are not something i'm used to. and to cap it off, T and i saw the BIG ROCK. you know. the rock? the giant boulder that's slooooowwwly making its way to LACMA? it was actually pretty cool - and we were interviewed by ABC7! our interview didn't make it on the news, but i still did - just in the background, taking pictures, you know, the usual.

yesterday, though, i watched the KONY 2012 video. have you seen it? click the link and watch it.

i was introduced to the invisible children last year, and the first video i saw shook me. the situation is tragic, evil, and must be ended. this year, 2012, IC's campaign is to 'make Kony famous.' he's the International Criminal Court's #1 most wanted. he is the world's worst war criminal. and no one knows about him. he, like the children he abducts, is invisible. this year, he will be made famous. this movement is something powerful and something i fully support. you know why? because outside of the politics and the arguments, there is one simple truth - we are called to be people of compassion, defenders of the weak, and liberators for the oppressed. our role is not to argue with one another just for the sake of being right. just for pride's sake. our life's purpose is so. simple.


sound radical? maybe it is. but that was Jesus' life. radical and filled with love. you can throw all your hesitations and concerns at me about the legitimacy of IC. be hesitant, that's fine. but don't try to sway me. the video states, 'where a child is born should not determine whether they live.' how lucky are we to be here?


no child should be taken from their parents. no child should have to kill their parents, their friends. no child should be denied the choice to live and live well. that's what KONY 2012 is about. children. not politics - politicians and their policies are merely tools. not money - it also, is a tool. not campaigning - posters, stickers, and propaganda are also just tools.

it's about 30,000 children who deserve a chance. and we have the opportunity to give them one. we can at least try.

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  1. I am not one for this type of thing, but like you, when I watched the video on Monday I was shaken and I couldn't help but support the cause. The part that grabbed me was when they reminded us of the tragedy of the Holocaust and how no one stopped it as millions died... now that we have the tools and the technology to stop this one it seems like a heinous crime not to do something. And there are thousands of small children's lives at stake here!

    Unfortunately for Jamanda, James thinks it's a scam, or at least not legit, and our premarital counseling is in use as we've battled this one all week... k, overshare, anyway....

    I'm sorry that you are stressed and experiencing these weird medical issues, but I'm excited to see you tomorrow! Persevere, friend!
    Heb. 10:36-37