March 17, 2012

hello new name...

so i changed the name of this blog to something i finally thought might apply a little bit. i've been brainstorming for a while now and have destroyed sheets of paper jotting down words - words that describe me, the things i love, the things i stand for - and after all that chicken-scratching and doodling, this name, came to me without a single thought. this blog is exactly that, life: the way i see it. through my perspective, my pictures, & my words.

i've wasted hours trying to design a header, but i can't figure it out! if anyone can, please help me. i feel so challenged right now.

i haven't written or posted pictures in quite some time, mostly because during the semester, my #1 priorities are school, work, church, and relationships. unfortunately, that comes at the cost of updating this blog. i've learned valuable lessons though in saying no and setting boundaries. for the moment, i can't make this blog a priority - maybe, one day, it will be. i have so many dreams and plans forming in my heart and in my mind, but for the moment, i have to say 'wait a sec' and do the things that God is putting in my life right now well. who knows when new things will come, or how...but i've firmly decided not to rush anything and do it sloppily.

for now, i'm a college student who is struggling to find the passion to learn. i'm a girl who is extremely lucky in love and is blessed with a wonderful group of strong women. i'm a mission trip leader in the making, a woman who God is molding and shaping every day into what He desires. i'm a sister and a daughter. a girl who loves coffee, her camera, and life's tiny little details. i'm learning to be content with where i am, and yet, i'm always looking forward to the next thing...

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