February 3, 2012


i have a slight addiction to coffeeshops, coffee dates, and well, just coffee in general - not the, 'i'm so grumpy until i have my cup of coffee' kind of addiction, but an 'i love the feel of a warm mug in my hand and the smell of coffee and the taste of it every morning with my bagel' kind of addiction.

and i love love love coffeeshops. starbucks of course as a go-to, but all the hole-in-the-wall coffeeshops too. portfolio's and viento y aqua on 4th street, bogart's in seal beach, and the library as well. i love how quiet and cozy they are. how they fuel my creative juices. and how they spark the best kinds of conversation.

and almost every time i go, my camera usually comes too...here are some recent snapshots from a lovely morning spent with Hil & Molly, 2 very sweet girls who are growing into fantastic women of God. and yes, that muffin was as delicious as it looks...

happy friday, readers! <3


  1. these are some awesome photos girl. love the lighting.

  2. thanks! i know, i'm obsessed with the lighting too...nothing like some sunshine =)