July 12, 2011

hello 20s!

birthdays remind you of all the wonderful people in your life, and yesterday, i was overwhelmed with love and well wishes. i was certainly one blessed birthday girl. some people say 20 is a dud birthday - i say, hi, i'm officially in my twenties now (which both freaks me out and excites me at the same time!)! birthday wishes from family overseas, friends from long ago, and new friends i've met recently poured in since the minute july 11th started...

though this is not the first birthday i've spent away from home, this is the first birthday i've spent in my new home, and half of me was a little anxious about it. but there are a handful of people down here i now consider family, and yesterday was another reminder that we're growing up, life is changing, and yet, God is faithful and good, and 'love is all you need.'

one of the most fun things about being down here is spending time with a girl who i get to work with, hang out with, double date with, instagram with, go to church with, live with, and call my truest friend. this past year, even just the last six months, have changed our lives, and in every new adventure and every new step, she has been there to share it with. i am so thankful for her support, her encouragement, the things she challenges me with, and her refreshing real-ness. God must have known we'd be close, because she is also a friend i can celebrate my birthday with, and yesterday we laughed and wished each other a happy birthday and shared stories about our special days. i can't wait for another year of memories and then to celebrate once again in 364 sleeps.

if there is one person who's changed my life in ways i could never imagine, it would be my man. he made yesterday one of the most memorable birthdays, and i am so grateful to him for taking care of me, loving on me, and allowing me into his life. from mountain adventures, to surprise gifts, sunsets, endless amounts of teasing and laughing together, belting out cheesy songs in the car, snapping hundreds of pictures, grabbing the camera from me and taking pictures of me, getting dressed up, and then crashing by 10pm (a sign that we truly are getting old!), he made yesterday a day to remember, and i couldn't be a luckier or more blessed girl.

and to all of you who made my day so special, thank you for your love and wishes.

good-bye teen years, hello adulthood!

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