July 4, 2011

ladies, i need your help.

a few weeks ago, a friend of mine asked me to take on a little project for him - and i couldn't be more glad that he asked!

over costco pizza and smoothies, we started talking about guy/girl dynamics, and the serious lack of guidance in this area - especially for us young adults, still trying to figure out who we are and what life expects of us. observing relationships, building into (young) women especially, and watching people grow into the people God made them to be are my absolute favorite things; this project speaks to every aspect of that.

this post is mainly aimed toward the ladies, young women of God who are praying for, waiting for, and hoping for, a man of God to one day steal their hearts. women, who whether they are in relationship or not, whether they've known what it is to love. or whether boy love is still a distant unknown are earnestly seeking God's heart and patiently waiting for a man of God. the question is, what man are you waiting for? what does he look like to you? how will you know he, and the relationship you hope to enter into, is from God, and that God is at the center of your unfolding story?

i'm not asking for a 'perfect man' list, though i'm totally a fan of those as well. i'm asking for a hopes and prayers list. i already discussed this with a friend over dinner the other day, and started a list of the things that make men of God stand out above the rest. the project is this:

how can we, as young women of God, encourage young men to step up and pursue us? how do we expect men to treat women - respect? chivalry? care? when you look at a crowd of young people, what kind of value judgments do you gather from observing interactions - is it the funny guy? the quiet guy? the servant? the class clown?

in part, i suppose i'm asking for the things that not only attract you, but characteristics that you could see creating a lifetime of love.

your opinions/responses will be kept anonymous, because once i've compiled this little project, your answers will be shared with young men, just as eager to understand the complicated hearts of women (though really, are we that complicated? ;]). your answer can be just five bullet points, or an entire novel - i'll read either, and i promise to keep your heart hopes and desires safe and secret.

think about it...how can we encourage men to step up? and while we challenge them with that, how can you, as a young woman, seek what it is to be a Godly woman for your one day man?

respond either through a comment/fb message/or e-mail me @ debshuber@att.net

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