May 24, 2011

turn, turn, turn.

i haven't had the chance to blog in weeks, but now that summer's here, i'm determined to get back into it. believe me, my head's been spinning with millions of potential blog topics, so let's see if i can get them out on paper.

first things first, my semester officially ended last tuesday, and to kick off the summer, the boy and i retreated to the mountains for the day. finally, an entire alone day to spend together in God's wonderful & peaceful creation.

snow, hail, rain, sun, and fog assailed us, but 9 miles later we were thoroughly refreshed, and totally exhausted. a day for adventure though was so needed, and i'm so thankful God gave us that moment. in a world constantly interrupted by work, homework, school, responsibilities, and a minor need for sleep, simultaneous alone time is hard to come by! thank goodness for summer...

the day ended with a trip to the grocery store and then a homecooked dinner in (which he helped with!) & it was delicious. i love nights like those...

since then, packing, moving, & working have defined my first week of summer. i'm so glad to be back in the josie house with manda (& erin when she gets back!). there's nothing better than finally having a kitchen, making homemade dinners, and baking cookies. i love domestic...ness?

i've been telling people over again that i'm almost overwhelmed with nothingness. on tuesday night, after 3 finals and over 5 final papers, i literally found myself creating homework assignments for myself before consciously making it stop. school is consuming, and if this semester has taught me anything, it's that school is not the most important thing. in all honesty, college facilitates my life right's the reason i'm here and gives me purpose for whatever the next step is, but is by no means my life. in 60 years, i won't remember the grade i got on my midterm; i'll cherish the relationships i made, the community i discovered, and the experiences i'll remember.

saturday marked the most spontaneous day yet. after waffling between "should i, or shouldn't i?," with the help of manda and a free afternoon, i finally got my nose pierced!

soaking is no fun at all...but it makes for perfect girl chat time with that (^) girl...and there is SO much to catch up on. this semester did not turn out at all how i planned, and i have no idea where the next will lead, but it's better than i could have possibly hoped for...

the other day, i had a coffee chat with a beautiful young girl who i find so inspiring in her dedication to truly reflecting Christ in all she does. we chatted a lot about this past semester and what the summer will hold...busy-ness burnt me out in these past few months, and more than anything, i hope to truly be intentional with my time, with God, and with people in these next few weeks.

i miss feeling inspired...and i'm craving inspiration for something...but i'll expand more later, maybe.

i can't wait to see what the next chapter holds...transitioning out of the dorms & into a house will be such a blast, but i'll definitely miss these ladies! they made these past 2 years so memorable, and i've most certainly been blessed with wonderful dorm/roommates!

for now, summer 2011, let's see what you've got =)

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