May 3, 2011

'cause these things will change...can you feel it now?

88 degrees. shorts, flip flops, & warm evenings...summer is just around the corner & i absolutely cannot wait. pretty soon this semester will be gone, and it'll be time to reflect on all that's changed and all the future has to hold. i had absolutely no idea i'd be where i'm at today. this semester has proven God's tangible presence in our daily lives, over & over again...and i can't wait to see where He takes me next...

also, it's time for a summer to-do list:

{1} buy an slr camera

{2} simon's wedding (oh, and dress shopping!)

{3} photoshoot with the bestie

{4} catch up on tv episodes...indulge in the free time.

{5} continue reading through the old testament

{6} organize and clean out old clothes & stuff

{7} move into an apartment and live with the girls!

{8} road trips galore

{9} see kim graduate

{10} go camping

{11} wakeboard

{12} hike at bridal veil falls

{13} sunday night impact

{14} at least one lit girl reunion

{15} get a tan

{16} rachel & ryan's wedding

{17} argentina!

{18} keep blogging...get into photography a little more

{19} work backstage at recital again

{20} intern with freetimepro

{21} have a bonfire on the beach

{22} fall more in love with Jesus

{23} spend incessant amounts of time & money at starbucks

{24} yard work

{25} horseback riding

{26} finish the lit girl collaboration

{27} dance girl nights

{28} help manda move out

{29} make the most of every moment

{30} get a nose piercing

{31} visit Dad

{32} skype with my boy...often

{33} sleepovers & slumber parties, popcorn included, with the bestie

{34} sleep outside on the deck

{35} catch up with family


  1. im a huge fan of this list. it has inspired me to make my own :)

  2. can we get our piercings on our birthday????!!