March 17, 2011

who do they see?

today the thought struck me like a brick: am i truly christ-like in all that i do?

the answer? no. and to discover that about yourself is no fun thing...but at the same time, it's always good to have a heart check every once in a while.

today i discovered that a classmate of mine loves Jesus, without them actually saying the words...but i feel like in the back of my mind i've always suspected that they do. it's easy to point out a true follower...they are kind, good-natured, and respectful. often there's just something different about them, something attractive. am i that person to others? to be completely honest with you, this semester i've been the girl who's playing words with friends during class (which, granted, is still educational) & hardly paying attention at all. half of me argues, "if i didn't do something else while still paying attention, i'd straight up fall asleep." the other half says, "debbie, what would Jesus do?" Jesus wouldn't get sleepy, that's what. but the moral of the story is, am i that person to others? am i the one who's different because Christ is in me. would people be surprised to learn i'm a Christian, or would that just be a natural assumption?

God didn't say this would be easy.

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