March 8, 2011

oh hey tuesday.

[i make time to plan. i plan to plan...silly, i know. but incredibly effective.]

{it hurts me to see people hurt, but it hurts more to see people lose their joy...not their happiness, their joy.}

[my foot just fell asleep. awkward.]

{we are such self-centered people. in darkness and in hard times, it's so easy to make it about us, when in all honesty, the quickest solution is to take the focus off us and place it onto others.}

[remember God in the good. so many people around me are in valleys right now, and in all of my awe & bliss, i'm struggling to remember to empathize with those who are in dark places. selfish me says, "stop raining on my parade people." God's heart says, "mourn with those who mourn, weep with those who weep." it's a two way street though, right?]

{my diet is slowly starting to consist of smoothies & coffee. balanced? probably not. delicious? yup.}

[never forget where you came from, and the lessons you had to learn to get here.]

{i see restlessness in so many people right now. restless in their relationships, in their walk with God, in their lives, school, work, you ever think that the reason God allows those tensions to happen is so that we'd finally learn to hand it over to Him? i know it's easier said than done...but there is so much peace as soon as we understand that lesson.}

[is it ridiculous that the thought of spending my tuesday night organizing makes me giddy? i love love love organizing. love it.]

{honestly, i'm struggling to not be brought down by others. all their pain and hurt breaks my heart...and it would be very easy to grow bitter about it. but God is nudging me to remember Him, remember the blessings, and not "fix" other people. i have to let go. i have to live my life for His will. we're all where we're because that's exactly where we should be.}

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