February 5, 2011

saturday morning.


fill your life with music.


we could spend our whole lives finding reasons to be unhappy; find happiness in every moment.


sing with reckless abandon, especially in the car.


be honest, be open, communicate...always.


it is unfair to hold something against someone & leave them in the dark about it. don't avoid


swearing is unnecessary. nothing about it makes you sound educated or attractive. expand your
vocabulary (excuse the brevity; see #4).


don't let your emotions rule you; don't let other people's emotions rule you.


incorporate writing into your life: write letters, to God, to your future someone, to your best friend, to yourself. blog. journal. e-mail. just, write.


find balance, in everything: friendships, school, work, to-do lists, relationships, food, exercise. obsessions can be dangerous.


you have a talent, you have a gift. use it, share it.


don't let money control your decisions. do what you love. go after what you love.


travel. there is so much world to see. this is not it; this is not everything. and when you travel? leave behind your culture, your opinions, your routine. immerse yourself into something new.


fill your life with people who encourage you, inspire you, & challenge you. comfort is a rut.


do not settle.


girls: buy a pair of red shoes.


take pictures often; they are the only glimpse we have into the past.


appreciate your parents; they won't be around forever.


take everything one day at a time. no one knows what the future holds.


respect yourself, and others will respect you.



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  1. this is a small part of why i think you are so amazing. thank you for these beautiful reminders. i love you. and need more of you in my life! <3 love and miss you dear!