February 23, 2011

big & bold.


we have to choose to let people in, to allow butterflies, to include someone else in this crazy ride. our life can be ours, content & alone, or it can be shared, and breathtakingly unforgettable.


i wish i could give 100% to everything i'm doing. everything is just getting done, not necessarily done well.


spiritual gifts assessment results: hospitality, exhortation, administration. thanks God, i think i agree.


i think i'd need 3 days of straight sleep in order to make up for the major lack of sleep so far.


it's hard to juggle life, you know? to juggle all the friends, make all the phone calls, respond to all the texts, schedule the coffee dates. i mean, i love people; i couldn't survive without them. but sometimes it feels like a balancing act. i wish i could kidnap my favorites and have a solid week of coffee dates & adventures, uninterrupted.


i hate to see people restless & discontent. i think we could choose to find a flaw in everything or everyone. that's the easy part. but to choose to only see the best is the most beautiful thing.


i love surprises. surprise notes. surprise gifts. surprise adventures. surprises period.


God knows what we need, and He'll blow your mind revealing it to you.


i love church. i love people who love church.


i seriously need a tan. pasty-ness got to go (sorry, sometimes i'm shallow too).


i miss my best friend. i hope you have one, because they are the most wonderful thing God can gift to us. i miss photoshoot days and silly laughing and lazy movie days. i can't wait for summertime.


i want to write a song. i need more time to play the guitar. i adore music.


thirteen just feels like an awkward number...moving on.


i miss home. i miss a big green yard and the porch and hercules and the tall shady oak trees. i miss the unending love in a home, late night mom chats, and random sister sleepovers. i miss seeing the mountains everyday and smelling the air and seeing the stars.


confession: n.y. resolution to stay on top of class readings? fail. professors are beyond ridiculous.


only 4 more months til simon & ash's wedding. i love weddings. i'm going to cry like a baby. i'm going to take pictures galore. i'm going to fall in love with love all over again.


emily haven, i miss waldo.


sometimes you just have to indulge in mindless entertainment. sparingly. but hello fashion magazines and one tree hill.


responsibility is a nuisance sometimes. i wish i could stay out all night, and have pillow talk, and go on spontaneous road trips.


i'm afraid of letting busy-ness get in the way of people. so don't let me let it happen please God. i want to see their hearts and love on them and forget about myself.

[i wish i had more time to do this]


  1. got to 9 (awesome list) and realized there are too many numbers, which I think was your point. i should probably get ready for worship tomorrow, and then play on blogspot...

  2. I love #18-i have yet to do either of those this week. Perhaps tomorrow I will find some time.