February 14, 2011

[february 14th]

that date is a funny one. some people dread it. some people love it. for some, it's a reminder of how alone they are. for others, it's a reminder of how much they're loved. if you think about it though, there are so many different kinds of love. there's family love, brother/sister love (hate?), "i love shoes" love, friend love, romantic love, and above all, God love.

i think it's silly to think that we're alone, because we aren't. it's impossible. some people choose to be alone; i firmly believe that. others, open their hearts, allow themselves to be vulnerable, and invite others in. the latter is scary, the first is safe. but it's lonely. and God didn't intend that. and i'm not only talking about "romantic-butterflies in your stomach-jump, then fall" love. i'm talking about love. pure, untouched, uninhibited love for others, for the homeless man on the curb, for the friend you miss, for the ones who may have hurt you.

if you're reading this, know that i am thankful for you...no matter how well we know each other or not. out there, someone loves you, and if you don't believe that, know that God loves you, unconditionally. that's something to celebrate any day of the year.

hallmark cards, pink roses, heart shaped boxes of chocolates, and goofy teddy bears have taken away from the point of this day - a day dedicated to love. love self, love others, love life.

i'm overwhelmed by the people in my life. often it's easy to simply forget them, to cherish them, to be grateful for them. and so i urge you to take this day to remind your mom that you love her, your big brother that he means the world to you, your best friend that she's well, the best, and your sweet friends that without them, you wouldn't be the same person. and tell God that you love Him...He wants to hear it too.

happy valentine's day <3


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