November 5, 2011

giving thanks | day two

yesterday, i was simply thankful for time. this morning, T left for an overnight backpacking trip with the Pursuit guys. this trip has been his baby for the last couple of months, and yesterday, the day before the 'manventure' finally arrived, was a day of all days. he had so much to do, and i knew he did, so going into the day, i worked my schedule around so that i could spend the afternoon and evening helping him with whatever he needed. if you know anything about me, or about us, it's that we are both busy people, and unfortunately that means our schedules often clash. but sometimes, everything just works out. i was simply thankful that this week was a little easier for me so that i could give my time to whatever T needed - amongst midterms, manventure, and a day of 'sick in bed,' there was a lot to do. two wheatgrass and coldbuster runs to jamba, a morning run to starbs to fuel the boy with caffeine as he studied, and sharing a car as his brakes got fixed where all highlights of my week - does that sound weird? i love loving on him. actions and words are most definitely my love languages. i'm a martha, not a mary - sometimes it gets out of hand, i'll admit, but i'm grateful for opportunities to serve and to love through time and service.

oh and p.s. because of CSULB's scheduling this next week, i officially have 6 days off of school (SO thankful for that!). i hardly know what to do with myself. time to plan another adventure!

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